Delivering unparalleled 

The ultimate protection for mission critical fibre optic connections. Built to last. Designed to protect. Developed with purpose.

Optimised fibre optic & cable protection

The unique technology behind 1enclose ensures the perfect watertight and airtight seal. This assurance of long-term fibre connection goes beyond installation to echo today’s ever-evolving demands. The unit’s incomparable design boasts an impregnable seal no matter how many times an engineer opens up the enclosure to attach new connections or carry out maintenance. 1enclose provides the power, the flexibility, and the durability to guarantee continual connectivity and to amplify customer satisfaction.

Designed to futureproof our communications networks

The 1enclose revolutionary modular closure system seals fibre optics and low power cable connections with no disruption to service. Its robust and reliable thermoplastic structure blocks air and moisture from entering the unit. And its shape is compatible for use in densely cabled spaces, whether that’s indoor, outdoor, or underground.

Connecting homes and businesses

The Fibre-to-the-Home and Fibre-to-the-Business application has been designed to offer speed, safety, and scalability. The cutting edge design allows for additional homes and businesses to be connected to the network seamlessly.

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Improving maintenance efficiency

The structural integrity of the 1enclose unit will not weaken after being opened and resealed. It has been developed never to fail even after repeated use. Taking only minutes to open and reseal speeds up all repair work.

Streamlining splicing operations

Using the Fibre Management module, installers no longer have to cut the whole cable. The installer can splice 2 or more fibre strands which will be continuously protected by the 1enclose unit.

Delivering cost efficiencies

Time and money are saved due to the ease of installation without the need for specialist equipment, the guaranteed long-term fibre protection, and the design that eliminates the use of manholes.

Reduce your costs with 1enclose

1enclose innovatively unites the latest revolutionary designs and materials to significantly reduce your installation and labour costs. To demonstrate these savings, we have created a detailed cost comparison based on two competitors’ solutions. Take a closer look at our detailed evaluation.

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The optimum solution
for all industries

The 1enclose range will provide exemplary benefits to every sector. The unique design has been developed with the insight, experience, knowledge and close co-operation of telecom operators, OEM dealers, cable operators, national railway, and utility companies.
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