Redefining standards:
where experience meets invention

Inspired by over 30 years of working in the world of communications technology, the 1enclose products have been designed to deliver superior functionality and offer a diverse range of benefits to industries that rely on an immediate and accurate flow of data such as Rail Infrastructure, Telecoms, Utilities, Civil Construction and Cable Operators.

1enclose’s solutions deliver extensive capabilities for today and deliver limitless opportunities for tomorrow. As cloud and content providers attract more users daily, and offer reliable bandwidth-intensive services, the necessity for buried infrastructure increases.

1enclose exists to futureproof and simplify this exponential growth in the most cost-effective and practical way.

Strengthening foundations

Optical fibre cables are key to the success of telecommunication infrastructure. Over the last decade, fibre optics have been catering to aggressive bandwidth demands and have become the preferred transmission medium between wireless nodes. The increase in data traffic from sources such as the internet, e-commerce, computer networks, and multimedia (voice, data and video) goes hand in hand with an increasing need for a transmission medium capable of handling higher bandwidth.

Amplifying the power of infrastructure

All industries using communications technologies are faced with the reality that current buried infrastructure requires maintenance and repair to handle a continued increase in throughput.

Improvements in technology with higher fibre count cables in reduced diameters creates a demand to upgrade and pull through new buried fibres. 1enclose’s unique cold applied sealing mechanism, and robust materials, enables installers to efficiently address this growth speedily and safely.

High performance
for homes and businesses

Business and domestic data requirements will continue to grow. To satisfy the rising demand from businesses and domestic settings, and to deliver what consumers’ need, it’s critical that these services are buried underground via optical fibre.

1enclose’s aim is to inspire continual ingenuity by delivering the freedom to develop.

Keeping people and industries moving forwards

As the digital transformation maintains its considerable pace, the world is experiencing possibilities and opportunities at an increasing rate. Fibre optic cables and associated technology enable homes to turn into offices and places of entertainment, they enhance employee experiences in workplaces, they elevate safety, they increase the amount of traffic on our railway systems and so much more besides.

The industry and technical experts behind the design of 1enclose buried solutions have firsthand experience of even the smallest of incidents that can disrupt services. These disruptions are costly and timely to repair, and guaranteed to interrupt their customers’ activities.

1enclose prevents:

  • Water ingress that inevitably causes failure
  • Rodents nesting and damaging the cables
  • Huge cost implications for repairs
  • Untidy jointing methods
  • Difficult cable pass through options