1enclose: A Decade of Innovation Culminates in Unmatched Cable Protection

1enclose isn't just a product; it represents the culmination of 10 years of relentless research, creativity, problem-solving, and unwavering dedication. This journey is driven by the vision of Philip Vercruysse, founder of 1enclose.

A Lifelong Passion for Communication Technology

Philip Vercruysse, the visionary behind 1enclose, has harbored a deep fascination with communication technology since childhood.

Growing up, Vercruysse was surrounded by the world of communication advancements. Significantly, his parents were pioneers themselves, having developed the very first car phone in Belgium. This early exposure sparked a lifelong passion that continues to drive him today.

A Decade-Long Journey of Innovation

The story of 1enclose begins not with a product launch, but with a conversation. A decade ago, Philip Vercruysse and his father, both deeply invested in the world of communication technology, identified a critical need: superior cable and fiber optic protection underground.

Their shared understanding of the consequences of compromised seals fueled their determination to find a better solution.

A Legacy of Passion Fuels Pioneering Communication Solutions

Philip Vercruysse's unwavering passion for communication technology manifests in 1enclose, his innovative company dedicated to safeguarding critical fiber optic and cable infrastructure. 1enclose's unique technology embodies Vercruysse's lifelong commitment to advancing the field of secure and reliable communication.

Built upon a foundation of passion and expertise, 1enclose is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of communication infrastructure. Vercruysse's dedication extends beyond his own work, as evidenced by his son Matthias's path.

The Next Generation
of Innovation

Matthias Vercruysse, following in his family's footsteps, has completed his studies in ICT Electronics and is currently honing his business acumen through an SME management program. This dedication to innovation ensures the Vercruysse legacy will continue to propel advancements in communication technology. His recently launched company, 2-Solve, supported by the High School of Ghent's student entrepreneurship program, exemplifies this commitment.

From Initial Spark to Unprecedented Design

The initial conversations sparked a series of intensive technical discussions, a testament to Philip Vercruysse's unwavering commitment to innovation. Unafraid to challenge established practices, Vercruysse and his collaborators embarked on a journey to explore entirely new design concepts.

Unmatched Sealing: The enclosure had to provide an impenetrable watertight and airtight seal, safeguarding cables and fibers from harsh underground environments.

Effortless Installation & Maintenance: The design needed to accommodate cables of various sizes without the need for splitting, ensuring a perfect fit. Additionally, it had to be easily opened and resealed repeatedly without compromising structural integrity or requiring specialised tools.

Space Efficiency: Minimising trench work was a priority, demanding a compact design that optimised space utilisation.

Overcoming Challenges, Achieving Breakthroughs

Vercruysse acknowledges the "huge challenges" they faced. However, their unwavering commitment to their goals fueled their relentless pursuit of a solution. They weren't willing to settle for anything less than a complete reimagining of traditional methods.

The result? 1enclose, a revolutionary product that sets a new standard for cable and fiber optic protection. This story underscores Vercruysse's dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and his passion for ensuring the reliability and security of communication infrastructure.